Welcome to the Dreamland, a place where Dreamies are free to dream. We live high in the skies.

Our goal is to create a passionate community, which loves to dream and create, not only in digital world, but also in the physical.

Dreamies are collection of unique & cute non-fungible tokens (NFTs) living on the Solana blockchain.

How can I be a part of the community?

You can join our discord server here.

What is mint price and date?

Mint price and date are not yet announced.

Where can I buy Dreamies NFT?

You will be able to mint directly on our Website, or purchase later on the secondary market such as Magic Eden.

How can I get whitelist spot?

You can follow us on twitter or join our discord server, where we are hosting whitelist giveaways. You can find more information there.

If you're interested in collaborating with Dreamies,
please email us at hello@dreamies.org